100 of the most influential Brits: Earl of Rosse

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British Countess Clarissa Eden was one of the country’s most influential household names, and has also earned the nickname ‘Lilibet’.

Eden, who passed away at the age of 101, was considered Britain’s first independent businesswoman when she was part of a team that established a successful brewery.

The Scottish-born and Welsh-educated woman was born on 7 July 1912, and attended the prestigious King Edward VII’s private school in Kensington Gardens.

Although she fell in love with fellow student and future husband, Professor Sir Alexander Newton Eden, she got her degree from the University of Cardiff instead.

The result is behind her success as one of Britain’s wealthiest women.

After marrying Sir Alexander and welcoming their two children into the world, she dropped out of the property business to focus on the company which would become Punch Taverns.

It was at the start of the beer business that the Scottish socialite acquired her most famous nickname, Lucibeth, a nod to her love of popular children’s television characters.

Eden’s family grew the company over the next two decades, and made a share in the prize when Punch was bought by new owners SAVE in 1988.

She remained firmly behind-the-scenes as the company became a household name, often appearing on TV panel shows such as Going for It with Julian Clary.

But as the company gained recognition in the UK, the Lady watched it grow abroad, with her brewery popping up in bars and food shops all over the world.

The financial success which her husband enjoyed, led to an opportunity to become a member of the House of Lords.

Eden became an MP, and went on to take on the role of Member of Parliament for the Mid-Ulster constituency, in Fermanagh and South Tyrone.

In 1993, she made the move to the House of Lords, and became one of the most influential and widely-known household names in the country.

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