Graphic video: SIU investigators failed to notify agency about Toronto police beating

By Staff

A damning report concludes internal Toronto police bureaucracy failed to properly notify the Special Investigations Unit – a province-hired prosecutor – about an allegation that a black male was subjected to a beating by five white police officers in downtown Toronto last year.

And the report, released Monday by a special panel of the Ontario Civilian Police Commission, also concluded the three officers responsible for the beat down in a tiny transit station last May 10 should face criminal charges of assault.

The report found that if the SIU had been notified, more witnesses would have been interviewed and charges filed. The three officers were the subject of an intense internal police investigation.

The SIU is an arm’s length government agency responsible for probing incidents of serious police violence.

The report pointed to two procedural failures that undermined the integrity of the police investigation – one in which an executive summary of the incident was never sent to the SIU, another in which internal force reports were not filed to the SIU until after a complaint was made.

Both deficiencies were deemed so egregious that the panel decided that “without remedial action, the violations … will continue to occur and undermine the integrity of the police process.”

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