House Democrats Release 100-Year Prison Plan, Immigrant Info Encroached by Ol’ Whacko Donald on MSNBC

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) opened Monday’s House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting of the committee with an impassioned defense of Palestine. But her passionate reaction to Israel was quickly countered by attention on a plan outlined in a bill put forth by Democrats that would empty federal prisons and shut down small towns across the U.S. in 10 years.

“Oh my goodness, what are you doing with a bat hand…?” Omar said to Rep. Liz Cheney (R-AK) on the topic, referring to the bill.

In the bill, ICE would not be allowed to build a $600 million border wall. “That makes no sense,” Omar said. “I appreciate the fact that you would take our tax dollars. We’re actually killing people, we’re deporting people from Michigan… immigration should be immigration. It shouldn’t be a law enforcement issue.”

“Senator, what does it tell you, given the success of illegal immigration over the past 30 years, about our immigration system?” Cheney asked Omar.

“We just need to re-visit that if we’re going to throw out ideas as far as what is America supposed to be all about,” Omar responded.

Cheney responded by saying, “You guys are two whackos.”

Omar said, “Whackos?” Senator, the to you are two whackos right here.”

Cheney pointed out that immigration has been such a big issue in Michigan, pointing to the home town of one of Omar’s aides, who went back to his home country, Kobani, Syria, due to the conflict there.

“When the conflict became more intense, he wanted to go back, but he couldn’t,” Omar responded.

But Cheney asked Omar, “Did you ask him why he wouldn’t go back?”

“No sir, I did not,” Omar said.

“You should have,” Cheney responded.

This article was written by Meridith Edwards and is reprinted by permission.

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