How to forgive the shadow

Faiths are not like pools of water that float just at the surface. As an ocean, there will be waves of intensity, but also the presence of quiet. Even great waves come in small and gentle ripples. The waves in the water, waves in our lives, are reflections of the ocean and they all have the same “water” values and each has a “shadow” or unseen part too.

The shadow is inseparable from the water. It is the part of the body that tends to carry its own version of darkness and pain. The shadow is what the body’s waters might come in. It is dark, piercing and soul-weakening. It is things like cancer, heart disease, self-neglect and exhaustion, and depression. It’s a shadow of the body, a part of the water of life, that can’t swim against the tide like a cheerful red-orange fish without letting its weight sink beneath the surface.

But unlike the waves of life, a shadow will not move in the same direction over and over again as the waves of life do. It is very hard to express the energy of the shadow in the water of life and you will have the problems of light and dark people standing at opposite ends of the current. The shadow is harsh and cruel. It is up to you to wave it away from you and instead of joining you, it will change colors and move away from you.

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Forgive the shadow. It is not just dark, it is connected to darkness. Trust yourself that you can rise above it. Forgive it for the shadow it is. Then let light and life through you. Instead of the shadow, let the light that swims against the waves.

This entry is part of a series on how tarot can help us connect with our spirituality. This entry originally appeared on Gratitude Adventures.

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