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Protesters gathering in Brisbane to save Greenpeace’s

Don’t Stop Believing

WWF says mandatory reporting laws are essential for tracking industrial pollution.

Public protest in Brisbane in support of Greenpeace, which began discussions this week to shut down the US EPA, rallying in Brisbane as part of a worldwide day of action to stop pollution and strengthen the environment.

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1) Activists are rallying at South Bank in Brisbane.

2) Greenpeace plans to travel to federal parliament this afternoon to urge the prime minister to withdraw the 18 marine national parks.

3) Qld Conservation Council says its protests are an effort to highlight the risks of blocking science – an attack on the environment.

4) Zoo escapee Flight Kija the Queensland Tiger has died.

5) Former environment minister Anthony Albanese (@AlbaneseAnthony) MPs, journalists, comment writers and academics making efforts to undermine the science of climate change? Don’t listen to it. It’s history.

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