Bringing On “Clyde’s” Live Streaming Spectacle, an officially licensed live streaming platform, announced that it will live stream its debut musical performance of “Clyde’s,” as it is presented by The Jam’s Comedy and Mosaic Theater, a NYC theater company.

The live stream will take place Friday night, October 26th, at 9:00 PM EST and will be the live showing of “Clyde’s” – a comedy loosely based on “The Greatest Showman.”

“Clyde’s” is the story of Clyde Barrow, a circus man who in early American history, taught the roadshow business the trapeze trick of “sky walking.” Performers portrayed in the show will be on stage wearing one of four different togas Clyde wore on stage.

According to the press release, the interactive experience provides “virtual fans with backstage views of the show’s quick and energetic stage action and audience members can also choose a character they want to experience and create the experience with their own dynamic performance.”

Users can also send “Clyde” a video text message asking him questions about his life and future adventures. will also stream 12 “participation shows” of the non-scripted, interactive “Clyde’s” next month.

To read more about these interactive shows, click here.

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