‘Real Housewives’ Star Says She and Husband Have No Choice but to Stay Silent About Husband’s Diagnosis

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Jen Shah is double down on her husband’s cover story “uncommon” health issues, telling Radar Online that she wants her family privacy.

The Bravo reality TV star claims the media and public have been misled on her hubby Bobby’s claims of “internal bleeding” and asked for “respect” as they struggle to find closure.

The couple told Radar in August that Johnathan Shah has been suffering from serious medical issues for the past few years, and that doctors have come up with “no pattern.”

Johnathan Shah, 27, claimed to have “permitted blood clotting” throughout his life and that his doctor is concerned that “the limit of the body’s tolerance for this may have been reached.”

However, in this month’s issue of a tabloid magazine, the reality star’s family is again misinforming the public and the Shahs claim they’re still in need of “expert help” to “find a cure.”

Jen, who is married to Johnathan, said she and her husband “decided not to share [Johnathan’s] story because we did not want to speculate about his exact condition.”

“We are not in a position to further report on his condition,” she continued. “Our sole focus right now is to support our family in this time of need.”

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