The Look Keanu Reeves Had for Destroyer’s T-Shirt

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The name Keanu Reeves is on everybody’s lips — not just with fans, but with awards voters, too. The 47-year-old star’s latest performance in a seriously dark (yet still a treat to watch) movie, Karyn Kusama’s Destroyer, will undoubtedly win some categories in the coming awards season, including Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture.

For her role as the film’s titular character, Bullock trains a whip, plasters her face, and kills them all. She also underwent a special prosthetic eye with and without blood. After the flick’s debut at the Venice Film Festival, Entertainment Weekly wrote that “her heavily-tattooed first-act love interest is worthy of a side order of heaps of Oscar consideration. … Imperious and out of date, Reeves stars in Destroyer as police detective Terry Mulligan, a relentless avenger.”

Image Source: Getty / Jason Merritt

The film definitely earned a lot of praise, but it also wasn’t pretty. And while critics can’t seem to get enough of it, the more important question is, when do we get to see the show that started the whole Keanu Reeves dating rumor (which never really exists, apparently)?

While introducing the movie, Bullock had fans go off on social media and even accuse her of having an affair with her costar and onscreen lover, Jason Clarke. Soon after, the star had to take a break from social media to cope with the comments.

Image Source: Getty / Jason Merritt

While discussing the movie with those near and dear to her, she spoke more about the film’s emotional and physical transformation. “There’s this depth that I used, that I didn’t know was there, I had so many feel-bad moments. And then people are saying ‘Hey, didn’t you make a lot of money at the box office?’ I’m like, ‘Where did you find that out?’ They’re like, ‘You made like a million bucks, so do whatever you want,’ which I did, and yeah, it wasn’t my best performance, but I got a better out of it. It’s, like, the intensity of the character has affected me in that way, and that changed me too.”

She continued, “I know I’ve done a lot in my career, but even now I get a little emotional about it,” Bullock said. “I’ve known this character for a long time, and for a long time, she just sat here in silence. It just gave me this weird, intense pull. And my love life — people would think I was single. That I was just a nothing. It made me say I was a warrior. I knew exactly how I could give to the role. I was just so furious because she had all of this crazy energy that was wrong. And when we finally get to this relationship [later on in the film], there’s a sweetness to that that I can’t wait for people to see. She really gives to Jason, and it’s incredible what she’s doing in this movie and in the character.”

She went on to say, “My costar, Jason Clarke, made me happy. He’s been on tour and he’s met with celebrities, but the awkwardness that happened between me and him the night we left Venice, it’s what I get to play with [in this film]. I hope it connects with people that go.”

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