This is what Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte thinks of the ‘ghetto’ and violent protests

The Dutch prime minister is calling the mob violence in the Netherlands “some of the most idiotic, futile and obnoxious things I have ever seen,” after a series of days of violent protests.

Government chief Mark Rutte has been tweeting on the streets of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Amsterdam along with his first minister for foreign affairs and defense, Bert Koenders, and has slammed the rioters. The unrest, triggered by a proposal to be removed from a rugby stadium on the grounds that the stadium was used for some illegal activities, has seen rioters acting out a version of the “ghetto” movement in the United States.

Such a scene, all started by stupid people… — Mark Rutte (@markrupte) March 12, 2019

I heard from colleagues that there is no statement from AfD in Parliament about the violent incidents after their lawmakers are insulted in Rotterdam. Will there be a statement? — Mark Rutte (@markrupte) March 12, 2019

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