Toronto being ‘ZOMGZ’ with symptoms of a deadly virus

Like the rest of the country, Toronto is likely concerned about diseases spreading this time of year. However, conditions in Canada usually don’t allow their far more prevalent cousin, rabies, to get a foothold, or die out.

But when COVID-19 suddenly blew up this week, the city authorities decided to take extreme measures. Toronto Mayor John Tory is reportedly planning on calling in the pros.

COVID-19 is a serious virus which has the potential to cause seizures, seizures, and death in babies less than six months old. The virus’s name comes from the fact that it is passed from a cat’s blood.

While Toronto’s Cobra Squad and Toronto’s SWAT Team was dishing out mandatory vaccine, the experts at the Toronto Public Health Services did some catch up on the virus.

“They are finding out, week by week, how is this affecting more than just rabies,” Kevan Goel, head of the public health division, told the CBC. “We didn’t know about this in April, we didn’t know anything about this back in April.”

The message was to collect as many non-rabies vaccines as possible, especially for the 200 babies in the city who are at risk. The services offered vaccines for both COVID-19 and rabies.

And if we take this sickness into consideration, it is possible that COVID-19 could take any of the numerous infections besides rabies and turn them into a serious disease. (It already did.) There are terrifying things that can happen when it comes to rabies, including an extinction-level scenario.

Outside of Canada, they are working to solve this problem everywhere. Some groups in the United States, including the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Animal Welfare Institute have been rescuing thousands of the potentially infected cats.

For now, we have to live in hope.

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