Two things Britney Spears is not! Like her wig, and her Vicodin.

While the big boys of contemporary pop like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift have been busily wringing their hands over alleged threats from their exes, little Spears and her buddies are full of surprises. First, apparently, Britney Spears is no longer a joke. (Seriously, unlike the piece of garbage that is “Britney Spears – Piece of Me,” which has been reviewed with more than a little vitriol). And second, she might be putting away her beef with one of her best friends. Related Articles Britney Spears’ nutty grandmother apparently isn’t mentally ill, coroner says Scary! Britney Spears makes shock return to Vegas After appearing in Britney’s show last week, Daisy Fuentes invited the pop star to a party for International Women’s Day at the restaurant she runs. A source told E! News that Fuentes “pulled Britney aside and said she wanted to throw a party for her to celebrate International Women’s Day and she was surprised [Britney] accepted and was pleased.” Unfortunately, if you can get over all of this week’s Britney Spears news, you’ll be pretty bummed about her relapsing into substance abuse — it’s not exactly the first time this has happened! — because she was still taking Xanax when the cops went to her house in early May to check on her after she reportedly began raving from her psychiatric hold. Eventually, she was sent back to the hospital for treatment on the drugs. Is that Britney, that blonde girl in the background? I think that looks like a Britney Spears.

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