A parade of the best Thanksgiving recipes you can cook

When I heard back in 2016 that Turkey Day actually commemorated a massacre of Native Americans, and I started getting hot under the collar about the feast of the food that American Indians considered the stuff of nightmares, I wasted no time in making the opposite turkey burger.

Today, I rather like the thought of carving up a turkey and carving it up into quarters.

Eagle: Freshly fried turkey drumsticks & thighs

Eagle: Two pound grilled turkey breast, ground turkey patty, turkey and chicken gravy, half a pumpkin pie

Eagle: Jalapeño maple sausage w/ smoked turkey sausage, corn bread, caramelized onions, jalapeño pico de gallo

Eagle: Green onions & cilantro to garnish

Oscar: A pico de gallo creation for those who aren’t into ground turkey patties

So I set up my own Thanksgiving meal and served it to my husband, our three-month-old son, and me. I went through a bunch of wacky ideas before I found the stuffing I liked the most. It was low in calories (and a good way to get some exercise during the football season). In fact, about two cups of stuffing would do for about 80-90 percent of your daily caloric needs. And fresh cranberry sauce on the side. Actually, cranberry sauce has actually got a whole lot of nutrition going for it. Make your own with eggs and cranberries if you don’t want to make your stuffing.

At my house, it wasn’t so much a feast as a variety of different courses (different holiday flavors) that came together in an easy and tasty manner. It turns out I really do enjoy food that looks good and tastes good.

Eagle: Red cabbage casserole, honey roasted shallots and hard butter mozzarella crumbles

It certainly felt interesting (albeit many parts of it made my head spin) to experiment with different turkey mixtures and different methods for carving. It was also satisfying to eat this meal at my kitchen table, where it could all be completed in the comfort of my own kitchen.

Once you master the necessary steps, every day is Thanksgiving Day. Get on your #turkeyfortay list, and (like the whole Thanksgiving- or whatever holiday- you will be celebrating) get some cooking in to get it all done by the end of the day.

Happy munching to all!

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