BTS and Coldplay ‘appeal’ for attention at the AMAs: the ‘best song of the year’

A singer would not go to a prize-giving ceremony unless he wanted to perform, and on Tuesday night, the winner in that category was not even there. No, it was the guy from Coldplay, who joined the teenage K-pop stars BTS to sing Love Yourself at the American Music Awards. It was a carefully staged moment that not even the crowds at the Nokia Theatre could resist. And boy, were they seized.

Donning all their trademark silver glitz and bubblegum pink, BTS looked like they had made it a celebration of everything from their popster potential to their best place in the televised industry. The crowd went absolutely nuts as the group brought their prop mics to the stage. Cue some pyrotechnics that flitted through the air, reminding everyone why we were there. This was the same crowd that would roar when Lorde returned to the stage to sing the New Zealand songstress’ Get High, someone had to sing with Coldplay.

Better yet, BTS’ own Fake Love was atop Billboard’s global charts, not Coldplay’s spookily remixed V, and maybe winning an award here wouldn’t have been that big of a deal. I won’t hold my breath, but if you’re looking for a secret to stay after Sunday’s Grammy Awards, this could very well be it.

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