Giants WR Beckham Jr. joins Jason Garrett and former Cowboy for new Bitcoin app

By FOX Sports Southwest Columnist Andrew Siciliano

New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and former Cowboy coach Jason Garrett have signed a partnership with Bitcoin security and blockchain company, SEC Blockchain, which will create a Bitcoin Payment for cryptocurrency mobile banking app.

According to SEC Blockchain:

The Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. will help re-launch SEC Blockchain’s Cash app, which will utilize blockchain and cryptocurrency to allow fans the power to pay for their stadium tickets and merchandise with Bitcoin.

Odell Beckham Jr. and Jason Garrett’s fingerprints will be all over Cash, which will allow real football fans around the world to pay for tickets and other valuable items in Bitcoin

According to an SEC Blockchain release:

“Famous names as diverse as rapper Drake, sports stars Odell Beckham Jr. and Tony Romo and Vince McMahon will testify at the future of a host of applications that are part of the Cash app in February at the San Francisco Masonic Center.

The App’s tagline, ‘Collect it to own it’, refers to Cash allowing users to conveniently and securely buy and sell anything in bitcoin. Paying with Cash may be possible at any sporting event or convention; for example, PayPal will be accepted to pay players in 2019 NFL games. Gold hatted football aficionados will even be able to pay for the jewelry of famous players they love.”

Drake, who played in the Canadian Football League, had 48,000 followers on Instagram in 2017.

Bitcoin trades today in London for $3,442.84 per coin, according to CoinDesk. The cryptocurrency market cap is $197.2 billion.

Cash is not yet available for purchase or download, but when it does, fans will be able to purchase collectibles, tickets and merchandise.

Bitcoin has once again topped the tech-sphere by reaching record valuations in recent weeks, with the price for a single coin gaining nearly $7,000 over the last week, the Verge reported Monday. And Blockchain-backed Cash is used to enable fast and cheaper electronic bank transactions, according to SEC Blockchain.

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Beckham Jr. has not played in an NFL game since Week 10 of the 2017 season.

SEC Blockchain works in a public exchange and is “quick to build, distribute and integrate,” the release said. “This in turn, allows BTC development to contribute to the decentralized network without benefiting its current owner.”

The partnership announced Monday isn’t Beckham Jr.’s first major cryptocurrency investment. In 2017, Beckham Jr. announced a partnership with Barry Calvert, who trades blockchain technology, coins and innovations, through his business, The Birthmark. At the time, Beckham Jr. and Calvert partnered for a blockchain rewards platform that would incentivize retail purchases. The Birthmark blog reported that Beckham Jr. would receive a cut of any profit from purchases.

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