Jordan’s ‘royal family estate’ of wealth and luxury

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(CNN) – When Jordan’s King Abdullah II and his family were killed in a 2006 helicopter crash, survivors said the monarch (pictured with mother Queen Rania) of Jordan was allowed to spend several days on holiday — enjoying, according to some, a glamorous life of champagne, diamonds and safe haven for his family.

A year later, the king was the recipient of a resounding rebuke in an Egyptian newspaper: it pointed to the luxury monarchy house-building practice that has continued for many years under his reign.

Today, Jordan has a royal family home in Amman, the capital, as well as an equestrian estate. It has also had hotels, villas and luxury high-rise condominiums built for it over the years.

This multi-million-dollar portfolio of luxury property has been amassed under Jordanian law over the years, regardless of the country’s history of poverty.

And the estate of King Abdullah II, who turned 70 in May, adds up to tens of millions of dollars.

The king owns properties in London, Paris, Monaco, Bali, Thailand, London, Riyadh, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and New York.

In total, the royal apartments contain more than 4,000 square meters (43,000 square feet) of space, according to the Guardian, with the palace in Amman home to 27 rooms, a library, Turkish baths, saunas, a gym, a swimming pool and a 40-meter indoor tennis court.

It reportedly features a gaming room with a private batting cage and an elevator capable of traversing four levels, as well as a cinema.

King Abdullah’s personal possessions amount to about 20,000 pieces, according to the Guardian. In 2009, the Queen of Jordan bought a yacht with the king’s family name on it — at a cost of around $30 million, according to Global Witness.

It is understood that the king will continue to own other high-end properties, both in Jordan and elsewhere.

CNN has sought comment from the royal palace.

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