Priyanka Chopra shocks with mystery ‘secret announcement’

What’s she doing? In her latest Instagram post, Priyanka Chopra posted a steamy message in reply to fans who are questioning her relationship with Nick Jonas.

She shared a screenshot of her conversation with a fan, who also had posted to her Twitter, in which she is asked if Jonas will be on her upcoming Instagram stories. She responds, “HE’S NOT ON MY IG STORIES BUT I’M MAKING WILD ANNOUNCEMENT THIS SUNDAY AM!!!! FACT!!!!!!!” which she tagged Jonas as well.

Fans are abuzz about the mystery statement she tweeted, including some who feel that the message is meant for Jonas.

“GOD IS NOT MELK AIG U CAN GUESS WHICH ONE IM TAKING,” one wrote, while another added, “This is definitely meant for u.”

Everyone is full of skepticism and congratulatory tweets.

“Keep doing you. A complete badass of a woman!!!! You can do anything ever!!,” wrote one fan.

Another noted, “I love it, out of all the far out things Priyanka says, this one is just too awesome to believe! Lol super awesome!”

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