Southern California Zoo births first couple of condors

Staff at San Diego Zoo Safari Park are excited to announce that the area has now housed its first pair of southern California condors in its 100-year history.

In July, the first of the chicks hatched from their eggs at the park’s Wild Animal Park, and on Saturday, the lion pair Max and Jack gave birth to their babies.

While there is some controversy as to whether these birds had been castrated prior to mating, staff said they had successfully carried out breeding without any intervention. In recent years, the animals have been closely monitored and could face severe damage from the low-oxygen situation in the nearby Chumash Desert, forcing the release of two others in the park last year, reported LA Times.

“This is an unprecedented birth at the Safari Park, and with the freedom of the Vervet condor released in late November 2016, we are confident that the first of these young are going to be out of the territory of their mom and dad in just a matter of weeks,” said Graham Rapoza, director of zoological operations.

Read the full story at LA Times.


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