The ‘Diest Video Ever’ Is Not What Everyone Thinks It Is: Are the Memes Realistic?

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A superstar-turned-country music star is the latest sensation to get into the memes, but not everyone is enamored by the attention being paid to her cheeky new music video.

Long gone are the days of 18-inch heels and big hips, as far as Adele is concerned. Now, she’s about as sexy as one can get — via a YouTube video of her not wearing much at all.

That video, titled “Adele’s Diest Video Ever,” is in the running for “Most Meme-able” of the year. The 12-minute-long clip shows the singer flaunting her bottom as she sings, dance around and walk around with what appears to be a double-sided ice cube all over her body.

It started all with a video snippet, when a fan posted a video from her concert with Adele, sans clothing, dancing around.

The clip quickly went viral, racking up more than 15 million views.

The rapper Kehlani commented, “Clearly I don’t get the memo that this is what is getting the memes.”

Other stars have been in the news for their sexy, or not so sexy, behavior of late. Rihanna hit headlines after showing up to a Rihanna Nails concert in St. Tropez, France, wearing a bikini topless.

And Miley Cyrus wore nothing but a thong to a performance of her song “Malibu.”

Busty stars such as Scarlett Johansson, Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lopez have also been the subject of recent memes.

Overall, it’s great to see Adele capture the attention of the internet’s obsession with things that are just a little too “real.” After all, last year, it was Instagram that had fans going bananas when Nicki Minaj unveiled her masterful “Queen” album cover.

On that note, the video for “Adele’s Diest Video Ever” has already been viewed more than 8 million times since it was uploaded on Thursday. So for those looking for the real thing, here’s a photo of some real model realness.

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