“There is always more to be shared with others.”

They are a unique group of modern clowns and circus artists, all actors from around the world. They live and work together as a means of education and cultural exchange, improvising new ballets and pantomimes to different musical genres. Over the years, the 3 Idiots have performed in Carnegie Hall, Birdland, Arena Stage, The State Department, The Joyce, and other New York venues. The Club had its roots in the 2012 CircusNow Festival in Brooklyn, and launched its first show at the Lincoln Center Festival in the spring of 2016. In summer of 2015, the group won the JWSA’s Creative Circus Award. For the Festival’s sixth installment, this year, The Club returned to Lincoln Center.

CMTB (Club for Aerialists and Clowns) was founded in 2011 by men who were inspired by what they saw at an aerial arts production and the theater of clowns. The idea of the club comes from puppetry, as it blends humor with humanity. Through the club’s members, dancers, and performers from around the world, the organization represents both an evolution in circus culture and a reminder that there is always more to be shared with others.

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