Thousands of baby turtle hatchlings rescued, released into Peru Amazon

Mojacar, Peru – Thousands of baby river turtles were released into their native habitat in the Peruvian Amazon on Saturday.

The babies were transported down a river by boat by an Interpol officer and then released on the slopes of a waterfall, according to the BBC.

Eisen de lecciendo años como vence, el desplázador de mínimo se reunirá con un conocido héroe de adiantes Pérez de los Córdoba, el Taina Muñoz Muñoz. @Interpol tweet: “Since Pérez has been residing in Mozambique, negotiations were carried out so he could reunite with his friends in Peru.” @BBCUniverso — Llama Mas Gamechangers (@LlamaGamechangers) November 3, 2018

The hope is that the baby turtles will eventually give birth to their own hatchlings and eventually return to their home areas.

“The government of Peru takes important steps to protect and safeguard these populations, both by impounding loggerhead turtles and by doing conservation work in the estuaries where they lay their eggs,” said Axel Schmidt, president of the International Tropical Timber Association in a press release.

Many of the hatchlings were born in the same rivers that host the logging industry. However, the Peruvian government enacted a ban on the harvesting of nesting turtle eggs as a result of previous cases of turtle poaching.

Read the full story at BBC.


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