Toronto Film Festival Creates ‘Winterfest’ to Celebrate Its 75th Anniversary

A solid dose of festive vibes may not be what you are expecting for your weekend outside the city that never sleeps.

But what happens when you take the typical twinkling lights and festive fluorescents of December and toss them into a scrap heap of crazy neon and bright colored landscapes and sea creatures for one night?

The 2019 International Toronto International Film Festival turned into a home for art!

“This year, as the world’s largest film festival celebrates its 75th anniversary, it’s an appropriate moment to look back on a unique celebratory tradition: Toronto is the birthplace of the exploding world of art house cinema,” Festival President Piers Handling said in a statement.

Want to turn the average mid-winter weekend into a full festival with your in-laws? You’re in luck. Whether you are looking for a chill-out party in the city or a way to escape the frenetic winter to watch a flick in the company of friends, there is a Toronto event you’ll enjoy.

Click through the gallery above to see the city’s festive spirit at its best this weekend.

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