What’s with the anonymous critics in the New York Times? | Jack Shafer

A clever reader, E.M., asked the following question in response to a recent article on Times voters: “Although I am a Times reader, why do you think your reporter who covers sports does not vote for any of the recent magazine and theater awards? I think that this is unfair to other press writers who have the same idea.”

Simply because there is some onerous process for Times voters to follow does not mean that all of them are fools and shouldn’t try to work within the rules and limitations. We have worse things to think about than if someone is nominated for something they have not been a part of. And the fact that I am a Times reader also means that there is a relationship of some kind between me and the journalists who cover my events. Of course, I have also worked with other reporters at the Times, but there is a relationship between me and them as well.

As for the Hall of Fame, iDon’tVoteForWho, I don’t vote for the News Giants because I am not related to any of the people I cover. I don’t vote for anyone for major awards because I have rarely voted in past ones. And I don’t vote for the Tonys because I am not an attendee of the awards. In other words, I do not feel that I have earned enough expertise to vote for others to win. I don’t consider myself a high school football fan. And I am not a fan of Times writers endorsing other Times writers. I understand the world these days as to why The Washington Post would give a print freebie review to a NY Times writer. But this kind of work should be done by those involved in the industry, not one who lives in New York City.

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